So you think its hot? Try Death Valley.

Death Valley tours are some of the most popular excursions that are offered by the tour companies that call Las Vegas home, and Bindlestiff Tours is no different with Death Valley tours being offered at almost all times of the year.  “There are some points during the summer when it just gets too hot to be safe,” commented Rachel Frampton, owner of Bindlestiff Tours.  There are points during the summer months when the area really does live up to it’s name, and it gets so hot out there that it is not a comfortable place to visit.”

Death Valley saw its first 120 degree temperature this year on June 9.  Yes, you read that right, it was 120 degrees in Death Valley in June.  What is truly amazing about this is that it is expected to get even hotter than that in the later summer months.  Here are a few facts about Death Valley that most people might not know:

1. On average, Death Valley California sees 15 120 degree days.

2. June 25 -August 15 are the average first and last days that Death Valley sees 120 degree temperatures each year.

3. In 1917, Death Valley recorded 52 120 degree days.

4. In 2013 Death Valley saw 27 120 degree plus days.

Very few places in the United States ever get to see 120 degrees on the thermometers.  Of all of those places, none ever get to reach the temperatures that Death Valley can reach, and as a matter of fact in 2013 Death Valley actually almost hit 130 degrees, falling just one degree short on June 30.  Death Valley actually saw eight straight days over 125 degrees from June until July.  If you were looking to get out of the heat of the day and think that it will cool off at night, Death Valley will also surprise you.  In 2012 the temperature only went down to 107 degrees on the night of July 12, tying the highest low record temperature.  Death Valley also holds the world record for hottest temperature ever recorded on the planet at 134 degrees on July 10, 1913.

So why take a tour of Death Valley if it is so unbearably hot?  The easy answer is that most people want to experience the earth’s most extreme climate for themselves, even if they aren’t touring it at it’s highest point.  The landscape of Death Valley is the product of the consistent high temperatures, and even though you would think that nothing can live in this type of extreme heat, you will be surprised to find a large amount of foliage and animal life in the park.  Touring Death Valley is best left to our experienced guides to handle for you, as there are many roads and areas inside the park that are not correct in GPS, and therefore can be dangerous if you were to get lost during the summer months.  Bindlestiff Tours makes sure that your tour is a comfortable and exciting one, where you will learn interesting facts about the area just like the ones above and also get to experience what it is like to actually set foot into a furnace, even if it is just “Furnace Creek!”