Death Valley Tours from Las Vegas:

Death Valley Tours from Las Vegas : You will be amazed at the sheer size and astounding natural features in this desolate national treasure. This journey takes you right to the heart of Death Valley. Our Death Valley tours from Las Vegas offer breathtaking photo opportunities at Dante’s View and Zabriskie Point. A stunning scenic drive through the Artist’s Pallet and of course a stop at Bad Water Basin-at 280 feet below sea level this is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere! Take a walk out on the most protected salt flats on earth. Stop at Furnace Creek visitor center, the Devil’s Golf Course and browse the Death Valley gift shop heading back through the Mojave Desert in time for some good old-fashioned Vegas nightlife! Touring through one of the hottest places on Earth may seem daunting, but Bindlestiff Tours assures you that your experiences on our Death Valley tours will be one of the most uniquely enjoyable day trips that you will ever have the opportunity to take.  Our air-conditioned vans provide the ability to enjoy the scenery in comfort, and our informative guides will make sure that the stops at each point of interest will be both educational and filled with adventure, as you are given the opportunity to explore the landscape in your own way.

Important Death Valley Tours Information:

Departs SUNDAYS, WEDS, FRIDAYS. Year round
This is a small group tour. Max group size 14.
Departs our Las Vegas at 8am arrives back in Las Vegas approx 6pm.
All participants must be 7+ years of age.
Private tour available with groups of 6 or more.
This tour has a free downloadable App with full tour commentary in French, German, Spanish, Italian and English.
Live commentary is provided in English.


  • Single day trip from Las Vegas to Death Valley National Park
  • Death Valley tours from Las Vegas stops at Dante’s View, Zabriskie Point, 20 Mule Team Canyon, Artist’s Pallet, Badwater Basin, Furnace Creek and Devil’s Golf Course.
  • Interesting, live commentary from your tour guide
  • Pickup and drop-off from Las Vegas hotels within 3 miles of the Strip

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Death Valley Tours From Las Vegas Itinerary

Las Vegas to Death Valley
Death Valley tours from Las Vegas start from your hotel, where you will be greeted and checked in by your tour-guide.  When the entire group for the day has been assembled, the drive to Death Valley National Park begins.  The drive itself is filled with commentary about what you can expect to experience in Death Valley, as well as some local history and information about the trip itself.
Once in Death Valley itself, your tour-guide will stop for a photo op at the welcome sign.  Many members of our group will take pictures in front of the sign that welcomes us to one of the most extreme environments on earth, as well as the area that boasts the highest temperature ever recorded.  You can expect group members to assume the “I am dead in Death Valley” positions for photographs!


Dante’s View and Zabriskie Point
The first stops on the tour are Dante’s View and Zabriskie point, where our adventurers have the ability to explore each location on their own, to experience the breathtaking views and unusual landscape in their own way.  The views of the desert floors from these vantage points is remarkable, and many will simply marvel at the sheer beauty of the expanse while others will stroll around the area, taking in the landscape directly under their feet, noticing unique plant forms and wildlife that inhabits the area.
Zabriskie Point is actually a viewpoint that is part of the Amargosa Range, and is unique due to its erosional landscape.  It is composed of the elements left behind by the drying up of Furnace Creek Lake, which disappeared around five-million years ago.  The location itself was named after Christian Brevoort Zabriskie, who was the vice-president of the Pacific Borax Company.
Dante’s View is a terrace viewpoint that sits 5,476 feet above the desert floor.  It is located on the north side of Coffin Peak, and overlooks the floor of Death Valley.  Several paths lead to the peak, which offers a dramatic panoramic view of the basin.


Artist’s Palatte
Artist’s Palatte is dramatic due to the many colors of rock that make up the landscape.  The colors are due to the oxidation of different metals, red yellow and pink being from iron salts and green from decomposing mica.  There are even purple elements that are produced from manganese.  The Artist Drive Formation was produced as a result of a violent and explosive volcanic period in Death Valley.


Badwater Basin
Badwater Basin is the area that contains the lowest elevation point in North America at 282 feet below sea level.  Do not forget to snap a photo of the mountain behind you that shows the actual point of sea level, which will give you a good idea of how low you are.  Badwater Basin is a salt flat, and displays a huge expanse of pure table salt!  There is flooding at Badwater Basin often, however it usually doesn’t last very long as the scorching temperatures evaporate the standing water into a thicker layer of salt every time.


Furnace Creek Visitor Complex
Our adventurers enjoy lunch and refreshments as well as exploring the sites and purchasing gifts to commemorate their trip.  The Visitor center is an oasis in the desert, with many cool areas to relax and take in the sites.  Stroll the outdoor Borax exhibit which tells the story of the Pacific Borax Company, who mined the Borax that cleans many people’s clothes today.  Borax is an element that is used in laundry detergent, as well as other uses.  The famous “20 mule team” that hauled the Borax from the area after it was mined is commemorated even today on “20 Mule Team Borax laundry detergent.”


Devil’s Golf Course
One of our last stops is the “Devil’s Golf Course” where a brief off-road trip brings us to an area that provides some of the most unique photographs in the world, as jagged salt formations take on the appearance of snow on the desert floor.  Our adventurers venture out into the salt-flat, and notice that the formations are very solid and hard, even though they are delicate in appearance.
From this point, our adventure tour of Death Valley takes a look at 20 Mule Team Canyon and returns to Las Vegas, where our visitors say goodbye to their new friends.  They retire to their hotels discussing Death Valley, the fact that pictures cannot do it justice.  To experience a Death Valley tour yourself, simply click the “book now” button above, and secure your place on our next tour of one of the world’s most interesting and beautiful places.



  • Delicious packed lunch, beef, turkey or vegetarian
  • Park entry
  • Transportation in modern and spacious SUV or Mini Bus
  • Expert tour guide and lots of photo stops
  • Free hotel pick up and drop off from all major strip hotels


Not Included

  • Tour Guide Gratuities


Interesting Facts About Death Valley Tours

Death Valley National Park is a desert area which is located in Eastern California on the border of Nevada. It is a portion of the Mojave Desert and is adjacent to the Great Basin Desert. Death Valley is widely considered to be the hottest place on the face of the earth, and while it is sometimes challenged for air temperature records by areas in the Middle East, it is considered to hold that record. This was set in 1913 at Furnace Creek when an air temperature of 134 degrees was measured. It is also home to the lowest point of elevation in North America at Badwater Basin, which is 282 feet below sea level. One of the more interesting topographical aspects of Death Valley is that within the same region of the lowest elevation you also have the highest point in the United States at Mount Whitney only 84.6 miles away. It is these types of extremes that make Death Valley one of the most interesting places in the world to visit, where harsh climates and almost no rainfall create a region where it is nearly impossible for most species of plants and animals to survive. This does not mean that the area is devoid of life however, as thousands of species have adapted to be able to thrive in the conditions. These adaptations make the plant and animal life of the region look visually different than most people are used to seeing, with darker colors and shorter stances in order to protect them from the desert heat. The springtime will sometimes allow for a visually stunning wildflower display if the conditions are right, when flower seeds which have been dormant for months or even years spring to life for a short period before disappearing, covering the desert floor in an abundance of color.

The best times of year to visit Death Valley for tours is the spring and fall, simply due to the weather and temperatures being less harsh. During these time frames, tours of Death Valley are allowed to shift from being less of sightseeing tours (summertime) and more of exploration and adventure. Remember that we are visiting one of the hottest places on earth where temperatures can regularly top 120 degrees, which means that we are only able to exit the vans to explore for short periods of time. During the spring and fall, we will see temperatures drop into the seventies and eighties during the day, which allows us to spend significantly more time outside the air-conditioned vans exploring the topography close-up. We get to experience all of the visuals that have been created by the intense desert heat without experiencing it first-hand, which is something that is only rarely able to be accomplished.

For more information about the climate of Death Valley during different periods of the year and how you should dress for your tour, contact us directly by phone or through the website.