Grand Canyon Voted One Of World’s Most Photogenic Places

In an article recently released by Huffington Post entitled The Most Photogenic Places On Earth, The Grand Canyon was voted by a group called Veryfirstto as the third most photogenic place on earth, trailing behind Bora Bora and The Great Barrier Reef.  We cannot say we are surprised, as we have always known that the Grand Canyon offers one of the most dramatic geological views that can ever experienced.  Although the article only addresses the Grand canyon from a photographic sense, and the creation of dramatic images utilizing it as a backdrop, we can easily also vote the Grand Canyon National Park as one of the most interesting and beautiful experiences from an adventure tour aspect that can be had anywhere on earth.  Of course we feel lucky that it just happens to be located practically in our back yard, and close enough that we can offer a tour of the Grand Canyon as a single day trip leaving from Las Vegas in the morning and having you back in your hotel room by evening (as well as multiple day camping trips as well,) so we are probably a little biased in our voting.

If you are interested in touring the grand canyon in order to photograph the third most photogenic place on earth, Bindlestiff Tours has you covered with our inclusive adventure tour packages which offer not only transportation to the park, an expert guide who is experienced with the area, lunch, hiking and nature walking/photography….we can even arrange for a helicopter ride over the canyon expanse which is sure to not only thrill you but also provide you with an even more dramatic view than the Huffington Post reported on.  The Grand Canyon is one of the deepest and most diverse canyons on earth, and will provide you with breathtaking views even if you aren’t planning to capture them with a camera.