Monument Valley Tours Offer Unparalleled Experience

In a recent article on in the travel section, the author attempted to put together a list of global travel destinations that provided the best experience based on the grandure of the location itself and weighing it up against the amount of tourists that will also be sharing your experience, in an attempt to find the best travel locations for those who want to experience the landscapes of the world without feeling like you need to take your picture quickly and move out of the way so someone else can take theirs.  In a list that included such exotic locations as Burma, Italy, Morocco and Peru we were not surprised at all to find one of our favorite locations mixed in to the list, and tours of Monument Valley were presented among the 20 best places on earth to visit.

What needs to be taken into consideration when judging the best places on earth to visit as a tourist is how many other people are also doing the same thing as you, and potentially making it feel less like you are experiencing the area and more like you are just looking at it through a window.  Bindlestiff Tours has always strived to make our tours more of an experience, and to guide our clients through an area, providing interaction and interesting facts as we move, but not interfering with your experience as a adventurer.  When you enter an area like Monument Valley, you feel as though you are transported back into the Old West, and visions of cowboys riding across the range immediately come to mind.  The beauty of Monument Valley is that in addition to that fantastic landscape of vast sandstone buttes that reach upwards of 300 feet into the air, there will be very little in the way of people pushing you out of the way to get a picture.  Because it is not as well known as other National Parks that are accessible from Las Vegas, Monument Valley sums up the Bindlestiff Tours ideal of providing an experience and not just a photo opportunity.

Provided as part of our 3 day tour of National Parks, travel to Monument Valley is only a short ride from Las Vegas, and is designed to make even the most hardened city dweller feel as though they are walking through the Wild West.