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National Parks Tours Leaving Las Vegas

Every year millions of visitors come from all over the world to visit Las Vegas. Generally they will be booking vacations somewhere between a few days to a week, and they will try to see as much of the offerings of Las Vegas entertainment as possible while they are here. They will try to eat at several different restaurants, visit several casinos and see different shows. One of the things that they will usually realize pretty quickly is that almost all of the entertainment in Las Vegas is indoors, and for outdoor enthusiasts you may find that there is not a lot to do. This is where the proximity of Las Vegas to many national parks comes in handy, and can make your trip to Las Vegas far more of an adventure than you might have expected. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to schedule at least a few days out of their trip to get away from the city and to experience the unbelievable and beautiful national parks that are within a half day drive of the city. There are about five parks that are all tourable within a few hours drive, and if you book a multiple day tour with us you will visit them all. If you book a seven day tour you will visit just about every national park and protected space in the area, but most will choose our three day tour and see a smaller variety.

So what is included in a multi-park tour of national parks from Las Vegas? You will get transportation from your hotel or a pickup location in the city to all of the parks on the schedule. This will include admission to all the parks, as well as a personal tour guide for your group. Our guides are not just drivers who play a DVD for you to listen to as you drive through the areas, they are actual explorers who know the area well and have explored it themselves. They are going to be able to help you experience first hand the specific things that make one area different than another. They are going to know about the specific areas and hikes in Zion Canyon, they will know about the beauty of Antelope Canyon, and they will know about the animals that inhabit the Grand Canyon. Our tours are far more like the ones you see in the movies where the group has a guide, instead of just looking at things through the windows of a bus. We are going to provide you with the things you need to either camp outside with us, or if you need a room at a hotel we will arrange it. You should check with our customer service to find out exactly what you will need to bring, but we will take care of everything else. We also provide food and the other things our guests need.

So if you love the outdoors and realize that if you are coming all the way to Las Vegas it is a shame that you wouldn’t spend some time exploring the areas around us in the desert, make sure you contact us today to make arrangements.