Private National Park Tours For Four People

All of our popular tours can also be handed a private version that will only be involving the people who you choose to be in the van with you.  We always had private tour options for national parks, and typically have offered them for private groups of eight or more people.  This is always given us the ability to fill our van with only people that you know, so that you have the ability to be more in control of the activities that are participating in and the spaces that we travel to.  Our products were options have become very popular as a result of the ability to make sure that there are no outsiders within the group who might have differing opinions as far as the things that should be done with the places that should be seen.  Because we are an adventure tour operator, we feel that we must cater our standard tours to the general population, which will limit the ability for a single person to decide what it is that we do along the way.  The private tours have always been more appropriate for people who have larger groups or corporate events and team building experiences.

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, we have found that many of our customers are still concerned about being surrounded by people that they do not know.  Even though national parks are going to be open for business very shortly, we still find it people are hesitant to take tours that would involve people outside of a group that they know.  For this reason we have decided to open our private tours up to groups of only four people, which would allow for a typical family to embark on a private guided tour of national parks without having to be exposed to outsiders.  We have priced our private tours to not be more expensive than a typical family of four would pay and take in our group tours, and therefore are providing our guests with the ability to have a personal experience touring the national parks of your choice without feeling the need to potentially be uncomfortable with regards to the strangers that would be involved in a typical group tour.  While these options will not be available forever, if families are small groups would like to take private tours currently, it is expected that this situation will last for the next few months.  It is highly suggested that you contact us immediately and book your tour with a flexible travel date immediately as there can be no guarantee that these will be offered in the future.  A self drive option is also available for people that would like to drive themselves and follow the tour guide throughout the parks.  All of the aspects of the typical guided tour will be available, the only difference being that you drive your own car.  Camping gear will be made available for multi park tours, and all of the arrangements will be made.