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Private Tours Of American National Parks For Small Groups

Private tours of American national parks are generally designed to have small groups that are all from the same type of background or family in order to have complete control over what is done for the places that are visited during that tour.  Private tours will be slightly more expensive for people at less than 12 people in the group because this is typical amount of seats that must be sold in order to maintain the profitability for that tour by the company.  The tour provider must pay the guide as well as the driver and cover all of the costs of the transportation as well as ancillary items like camping equipment and food.  Other elements that are figured into specific types of tours will also add to the costs that must be absorbed by the company.  This is why group tours will generally had a specific amount of people on the van or bus, which you or your people making up a small percentage of that group.  If you want to have more personal control over the elements that go into that tour, you either need to cover the cost of the entire expense for your small group, or at least have a group that will cover the 12 seats that are necessary to sell to maintain profitability.  The private versions of tours have always been a highly desired product that is offered, but the premium price and that is involved in the private tour will generally dissuade those who were cost conscious from arranging them.  We see the majority of our private tours get booked by large families or work situations by companies, and not as few families even know they would enjoy the private tour guide of their own.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal for our country, and we need to figure out ways to state this thing from one another for the time being.  This means trying to avoid people outside of our general family or close circle of loved ones as much as possible.  This takes the idea of group tours and makes them less desirable than a private tour would be.  For this reason, we have decided to reduce the amount of seats that must be purchased for a tour to be considered private from 12 to 4.  This will give a typical family of four the ability to book a completely privatized tour, and allow than a personal tour guide for only their group.  They will also be able to have more control over the activities that are performed during that tour, because if there are not the diverse group with different activity levels and fitness levels involved.  The group of four people can now book for the same price that it would be to book on a group tour, only they get all of the aspects of the product personalization as well as the latest safety and security knowing that there are no outside parties involved in your tour.  This is a limited time program that must be booked soon in order to be taken advantage of.