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Private Tours Of National Parks

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Touring national parks usually only has a few options.  You can either take a guided tour from your nearest large city that will provide all of the aspects of a comfortable and adventurous tour to you, or you will be forced to drive yourself and handle everything on your own.  This can be a little difficult for many people do the fact that national parks are generally located some distance from the nearest developed area.  As an example, if you want to visit the grand canyon and you were leaving from Las Vegas it would take you almost four hours just to get to the area around the national park.  This kind of driving across the desert is not the same as driving in populated areas, and for people who are not used to driving this way it can seem like a lot longer than 4 hours.  For this reason, many people will choose the guided tour option simply because the driving is done for you.  The cost of these kinds of tours might be a hindrance to some people if they are concerned about trying to fill the van up with people that they know.  This is the difference between a private tour and a regular guided tour.  On a private tour you get too control that all the people in your party will be people that you know, and on a regular tour you would be in a van with several other people that you do not know.  In these times of uncertainty with regards to exposure to strangers, many people are expressing an interest in the private tours but are hesitant because they assume they cannot afford to fill the entire van with people that they know.  Now there’s an exciting new option to solve these problems.

Private tours of national parks are now available to parties of four or more.  In the past, in order to book the product for you going to need to pay for at least eight seats, but due to the fact that there is such a large interest in private tours and the safety that they provide we have decided to extend our private tour option to a typical family of four.  This means that you would get a private tour guide for just your family who would transport you from Las Vegas to the national parks of your choice as well as providing all of the logistical elements that would be necessary for comfortable and exciting tour.  We handle all of the arrangements for camping as well as meals so that you do not have to worry about it.  We take care of the driving for you as well as making sure that we visit all of the best areas and do the most exciting activities.  Our products were options will not be available forever for this limited amount of people, so contact us as soon as possible to arrange for your booking of your private national park tour.