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Self Drive National Parks

Americans love their cars and love traveling to see the great spaces that America provides to them.  This means national parks and protected spaces, and while many national parks are probably on your bucket list as a place that you would like to someday visit, you probably have been a little bit overwhelmed by how much driving would be necessary to get from your home to the park, or the logistics of what you would need to do in order to have a good time there.  For example, you might not have a problem driving 4 hours to get to the grand canyon from Las Vegas, but then you are going to have to either camp overnight or drive back on the same day.  The hours of driving and probably seems a little overwhelming, and when you consider that you would probably spend more time driving than visiting the park it suddenly seems like the kind of thing that might not be worth it.  At this point, many people begin to look into guided tours that would give them the ability to ride in a van while someone else does the driving for them.  Either way, the desire to visit these spaces only grows more popular as people find themselves quarantine or without a lot to do during these times of lockdown in protection.  People are also beginning to rethink the safety of being in a van with a lot of strangers that you do not know.  Suddenly the driving from your home to the national parks areas that you always wanted to visit seems more appealing, but he still do not know how to work out the logistics of things like overnight camping or even what to do once you get there.  We have a solution for you.

Our tours are now available with a self drive option.  This means that the tours that would be typically available as part of a group are now available with few driving your own car and then meeting a guide at the entrance to the park who handles all of the logistics for you.  They will handle all of your camping arrangements as well as any of the other necessities for spending several days on the road, the only difference between this option and a guided tour is that you are driving your own car and following the guide as opposed to being in a van with strangers that you do not know.  In addition to all of these benefits, you will also be given the access you need to a downloadable app that will provide you with the dialogue that you would be receiving if you were in a van or bus.  Through your phone, you’ll be able to hear all of the interesting aspects of the region that you were driving past while you are following your tour guide in your own car.  If you are ready to save money and be safe for the same time, contact us today upon our self drive national parks tours.