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Self Drive Tours

The type of person who enjoys national parks tours is probably an outdoors type that also enjoys doing things on their own.  Many of the people who enjoy exploring and great regions of the United States would ultimately enjoy having a guide to show them where the best things are, but do not necessarily want to be on a bus or in a van with a lot of other people.  Especially during these times of the Coronavirus pandemic, we find it people are anxious to get outside and do things that they might not normally connect the amount of time necessary to doing, and yet they don’t want to take the guided tour where they would be in a van with a bunch of strangers.  For these people, we have developed an option that solves all the problems.  With our self drive tours, you can take your own car and start from wherever you need to in order to make the drive comfortable for yourself.  If this entails flying to Las Vegas in order to begin your tour from a nearby city, then that option will entail renting a car once you get to the city and then traveling from there to the nearest national park.  If you want to take your own car from home and drive the entire distance to the national park then that is also an option.  Either way, taking your own caller is going to give you the security of not being exposed to a lot of strangers in van, and because you get to meet your guide at the park entrance and then have all of the arrangements of your tour handled for you, then you get all of the benefits of the guided tour without the van itself.  Many people will also enjoyed the fact that they have the ability to get all the dialog that is available on our tours in their car through our downloadable app it is available to our customers.  You can simply listen to the same dialog that will be available on our van, only you are driving your own car while his playing on your phone.  The guide will handle all of the aspects of camping overnight in the national parks including providing you with the necessary gear that so many people simply do not have at their disposal.  We transport everything for you as well as handle in all of the arrangements in order to make your tour as close to a guided tour is possible, the only real difference being that you are driving your own car and able to make your own decisions as far as if you want to travel to a different place than is on the specific tour.  You’re able to have the freedom to do what you want to do, without being subjected to the rules of a guided tour, and you are also able to benefit from having all of the arrangements taking care of for you to have a comfortable experience.