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Self Drive National Park Tours

If you are interested in touring national parks but are afraid of the complications of being in a bus or in a man with a bunch of strangers, then driving yourself is probably looking like a good option.  As the Coronavirus problems take their toll on domestic travel, and international travel has been brought to a standstill, we find that people are looking to see what kinds of options they have as far as the open spaces that America offers.  When people might have previously gone to Disneyland or another kind of tourist attraction has been created for profit, the national park system of the United States was put together specifically for people to be able to visit on their own, without the specifics of having to do a certain thing or be a certain place.  The national parks are more for you to explore at your own pace and simply enjoy in the way that you choose to, instead of having the specific structure being pushed through the exact specifications of what the attraction wants you to do.  While this type of freedom is very appealing to many people, it is also intimidating for some who are not used to it.  Without being given a specific itinerary or specific places to be at different times, people are uncomfortable with planning things themselves.  They are concerned that they might not see the best places where do the best things, or potentially that they might get lost and have some kind of an issue while they are outside in the wilderness.  All of these types of concerns are addressed when you take a guided tour of these regions, but ultimately if you decide to do it on your own then you are on your own.  Unless of course there was an alternative which gave you the ability to actually drive yourself, but be guided on the specific tour by someone else.

Self-drive national parks tours are one of the new products that are available through our tour company.  All of our regular tours that are offered to national Parks and protected spaces are now being offered in a self drive option.  This means that you can take your own car and ultimately meet our guide at the entrance to the part where you will have all of the arrangements for camping overnight as well as all of the specifics of indicted tour be available to you.  That you will be able to understand that you are not go in to miss any of the best things, and you will also have all of the benefits of the dialog that would be happening on our buses, except they are happening in your car through and downloadable app that we offer.  Through this option, you are able to not only save money but also make sure that you were protected against the exposure to strangers that might be making you uncomfortable about taking that national park tour.  Contact us about our self drive options today.