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Why Tour Death Valley In Spring?

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas in the next month, or if you live in Las Vegas and have always wanted to see Death Valley, spring is the best time to book a tour. Death Valley tours have to take on different tones throughout the year because of the very thing that makes Death Valley so famous, the heat. If you are unfamiliar with what we are referring to, Death Valley holds the record for the hottest air temperature ever recorded at 134 degrees. While this record is challenged by other areas claiming to hold it, and the methods of measurement when the record was set may have been less precise than the ones we have today, there is one consistent thing about Death Valley, it is really, really hot there in the summer.  During the summer months you will usually see records be broken every year ranging from most consecutive days over 110 degrees and other heat-related records. Death Valley appears totally inhospitable, but nothing is further from the truth. There are many species of wildflowers and animals that call the area home, and have adapted to the heat and lack of water. Death Valley also holds the record for lowest point below sea level in the United States, and the strange thing about that point is that you can actually find ancient seashells from when it was under water. All of these strange features make the area unique and foreign looking, and worthy of exploration. In the summer heat, however it is quite difficult to stay outside for long enough to really get a sense as far as the real beauty of the area. In the summertime, Death Valley tours must maintain more of a “sightseeing” feel due to the fact that the heat will be overwhelming for some.

Our Death Valley tours include the following stops during an average tour: Dante’s View and Zabriski Point, Artist’s Palatte, Badwater Basin, Furnace Creek, The Borax Museum, Devil’s Golf Course and more areas is possible. The tours themselves will generally see all these points, but there may be changes and substitutions depending on road closures and other factors that are considered in order to make the trip as rewarding as possible. In the summertime, we will spend less time outside the van exploring and more time inside in the air conditioning. Springtime and fall, however, are far more pleasant as far as the temperatures do. During these ideal times, the desert will still look much the same as the summer, only without the heat to go with it. In addition, if you visit during the spring you are going to have the additional benefits of the spring bloom of wildflowers. This event transforms the generally brown desert floor into a multitude of colors. People think that flowers do not grow in Death Valley, and you can see with your own eyes that they are wrong. Contact us today to find out more about spring tours of Death Valley, and book yours today.