One of the common questions when considering alternatives to the typical vacation to Las Vegas is “what is there to do outside around here?” One

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Touring Zion National Park, UT Located in the southwest corner of Utah, Zion National Park encompasses 229 square miles at the junction of the Colorado

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT Bryce Canyon National Park is located in southwestern Utah in the United States. Despite its name, it is not a

Death Valley is an extreme desert land area located in Eastern California.  The specifics of the area are that it is located within the Mojave

Zabriskie Point is a portion of the Amargosa Range, which is located in east of Death Valley.  It is made up of large amounts of sediment from  Furnace Creek Lake,

Located near the Arizona-Utah state line, Monument Valley is a five square mile region of the Colorado Plateau, and is a part of the Navajo

In July of 2010, Donna Cooper and her daughter Gina and friend Jenny set out to visit Scotty’s Castle in a remote part of Death