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Death Valley Tours In Winter

For visitors to Las Vegas who may be interested in taking a tour to one of the most interesting places in the world, and possibly taking a break from all the neon and glittering lights, we suggest Death Valley.  If you are not familiar with Death Valley National Park, it is located only a few hours drive from Las Vegas and it is one of the hottest and most inhospitable places on the planet. Does this mean you should avoid it? Of course not.

Death Valley is a unique place, one that has a landscape that actually looks like another planet in places due to the fact that it has almost not foliage or signs of life at all, while only a mile or so away you can find a wildly diverse grouping of unique plants and animals. It is a mistake to think that Death Valley has no life (probably because of the name,) when there is actually a great deal of species that have simply adapted to the extreme conditions. Plants are shorter and lower to the ground, and animals are adapted to be able to withstand extreme temperatures without water for long periods of time, but to think that there is nothing there is completely wrong. It represents a place where you can see things that are unlike everywhere else on the planet, and if you do it during the right time of year you won’t even be uncomfortable!

Winter is the best time to visit Death Valley on a tour, because the temperatures during the summer months are so extreme that touring the location can become difficult. With summer temperatures sometimes approaching 120 degrees or even hotter, it is actually difficult to enjoy the area. You can only exit the vans for short periods of time before becoming overheated, which is one of the reasons that we will switch to a more “sightseeing” version of our tours at that point. We have to make sure that our guests remain safe, and the extreme heat that defines Death Valley will make it difficult sometimes to balance seeing the sights and safety. For this reason we suggest taking our Death Valley tours during the winter months between October and April. During these periods the temperatures in Death Valley are far more pleasant, potentially even needing a jacket or coat after the sun goes down. This change in weather allows you to experience the landscape exactly as it is during the summer, only without the scorching temperatures that will cause issues. You will be able to spend far longer periods outside exploring and experiencing the unique landscape, as well as enjoying the areas of Death Valley like Badwater Basin which actually get so extreme that they can become dangerous at other times of year. If you are planning on taking a break from your Las Vegas vacation and want a one-day trip to Death Valley, contact us now and arrange it. We are in the perfect time right now, and we have spots open on our buses!