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Tour Death Valley For One Day

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas, or are you in Las Vegas right now and want a break from all of the neon lights and gambling? We have the perfect solution to give you a little bit of a taste of the incredibly diverse types of landscapes you can find in the desert, and it is located only a few hours drive from the city. For those who do not live here, it is probably a much better idea for us to drive you than for you to try renting a car and driving yourself, because desert driving is unique and can actually be a bit dangerous if you are not familiar with it. The scenery looks pretty much the same for hours, and it can get boring which tires you out pretty quickly. Also, there are large areas of desert that do not have cell service so breakdowns can be a very difficult experience if one were to happen. For these reasons, a tour of Death Valley is best left up to the professionals, and we can provide you with a unique experience unlike any other!

Death Valley is one of the most unique places on earth, with one of the harshest climates in the world as well. There is almost no rainfall here, and the summer temperatures can reach as high as 120 degrees or more. The highest ground air temperature ever recorded was seen here at more than 134 degrees! This means that the plants and animals that call this place home have had to adapt their bodies to be able to survive, and as a result we get to see species that cannot be found anywhere else. In some places the desert floor looks like another planet with almost no foliage or animals at all, and only a mile or so away you can see a colorful display of wildflowers and animals that enjoy life in this region. It is an experience that is not found anywhere else, and because it is located so close to Las Vegas it can be experienced in a one-day trip.

So what is the best time to tour Death Valley? Any time between October and April will show you the desert landscape in all of it’s glory but without the heat that creates it. This means that you can actually get out of the vans for extended periods of time for hiking and exploring without worrying about the extreme heat that can be dangerous during the summer. You can only spend limited amounts of time out and about in the summer simply because the safety of our guests is our main priority, but during the winter you will be experiencing temperatures that might actually require a jacket or coat! When you can see the types of adaptions that plants and animals make because of extreme heat, yet you do not have to experience that heat for yourself, it can make for a perfect day. Book your Death Valley winter tour today.