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Tour Death Valley In A Day

Las Vegas vacations are unique. It is one of the only cities where the overwhelming majority of things to do are inside, and occur without even stepping out into the sunlight for even a minute. It is a 24 hour city, and generally exists in climate controlled spaces where people move from casino to casino without ever leaving air conditioning. This is really because the heat in Las Vegas can be pretty overwhelming if you are not used to it, and in the winter it can actually get pretty cold. Most visitors are unprepared for these types of extremes, and ultimately are a little uncomfortable when they get here. As a result, almost the entire city has come inside, with nearly everyone ignoring the beauty of the landscapes that surround the city. Within only a few hours drive you can experience some of the most beautiful and diverse desert landscapes in the world, and if you go during the right time of year you will be completely comfortable when you do it.

One of the best suggestions for one-day tours from Las Vegas that will allow you to experience some of the unique topography of the open desert is Death Valley National Park. This area boasts having recorded the highest air temperature ever at 134 degrees, and the summers will generally have more than a few days that come close to that mark. You can also find temperatures regularly over 110 during the summer months, which can be quite uncomfortable and even dangerous for some people. This is why the summer versions of the one-day Death Valley tours that we offer are different than the winter ones, which can allow more outdoor time and exploring without worrying about overheating.  This is a concern in the summers, and as a result we must restrict the amounts of time that our guests spend outside the air conditioning of the van. During the winter months we can allow our guests to more freely explore the scenery and spend greater amounts of time witnessing and experiencing the unique plants and animals of this area.

Foliage and animal life in Death Valley has evolved over the years to survive extreme heat without much water. As a result, the plants and animals are lower to the ground and generally will not have the bright colors that you will see elsewhere. Make no mistake about it though, Death Valley is not barren and without life or color. Wildflowers of all colors will bloom periodically if given the right conditions, making the desert appear as a canvas of color stretching as far as the eye can see. Essentially, Death Valley is going to look different at different times of the year, and if you want to see the diversity of the winter in one of the hottest places on earth, now is the time to book your trip. We leave from locations in Las Vegas and return the same day, so you can take only a short time out of your vacation and still experience the beauty of the desert.