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Antelope Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist locations on earth to visit, but unfortunately it is also a completely inhospitable climate that most people are not prepared for. If you come here during the summer, the heat can be unbearable. If you come ere during the winter, you might find it surprisingly cold and be unprepared because you thought it was always hot. As a result of the casinos realizing a long time ago that the comfort of their guests was paramount, they began working on ways to entertain you without ever having you leave the properties, or go outside. This keeps you in the casinos longer, and keeps you gambling. Many people will get sick of the indoor atmosphere after a while, and will start looking for things outdoors to do. Las Vegas is uniquely positioned in the desert, which gives you access to some amazing places that have to be seen to be believed. All you ave to do is know where to look and know how to get there.

We offer tours of national parks and protected spaces that are within driving distance of our Las Vegas headquarters. Some of our tours are short, one-day adventures that only visit a single park and others are multiple-day excursions that allow you to experience a wide variety of locations that are within the desert environment. Each protected space is unique and offers it’s own flavor and scenery, so if there is something in particular that you are seeking it might be a good idea to contact us directly before you arrange a tour and ask our representatives for advice of the best area for you. One of the most unique areas in the world and our suggestion if you have a few days to spare from your trip is Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon that provides one of the most intense visual experiences on earth. As you move through the trail, you will see and experience sandstone canyon walls that have been carved over thousands of years by flash floods, the walls being a unique color palate of tans, browns and reds. At specific times of year you will also experience sunbeams that travel to the sand floor of the canyon due to unique sun position above. The area is a photographer’s paradise, but does have it’s drawbacks. You cannot simply show up and tour Antelope Canyon, as the flash flooding that created the canyon is a continual threat to the safety of the guests. As a result, you must arrange your tour through a licensed tour operator like us, who can provide you with a guided trek through the slot canyon safely. We offer our Antelope Canyon tours in conjunction with Bryce and Zion due to the fact that it makes more sense to visit them all than to try and drive all the way then back in the same day. Private tours of Antelope Canyon are available in multiple-timeframes and for different schedules.