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Touring Antelope Canyon

If you have ever seen photographs that were taken at Antelope Canyon, or videos, you probably want to go there and experience it for yourself. It is one of the most unique visual experiences in the world and cannot be had anywhere else. Antelope Canyon itself is a slot canyon that was cut by flash flood water over thousands of years, which ultimately means that you can walk through the canyon on the floor, where in most canyons a river or flowing water is going to be present. Without the flowing water that created the slot canyon, you end up with an  eerie crack in the earth that you are able to move though, with huge sandstone walls on each side. This feature also makes the canyon quite dangerous if it is not approached carefully, and there have been several significant losses of life there in the past century. After all, the canyon was created by flash flood water, which ultimately means that any time a flash flood happens it is still being constructed. The very nature of flash flooding is that it can happen without warning and take you by surprise, which is why no tours are allowed if there is any chance of this happening. Flash flooding can occur from rainfall that happens beyond eyesight areas and up to five miles away, so ultimately tours are only allowed during times when there is absolutely no chance of rain in the vicinity. This is monitored by by the National Weather Service and independent weather services provided by Navajo Nation, who operate the canyon territory. If there is the slightest chance of rain in the area, all tours are cancelled for the safety of any group in the canyon. Tours are also only allowed to be guided by licensed groups and operators who have been certified by Navajo Nation as to understanding safety and the risks.

We provide tours of Antelope Canyon as a portion of several packages that also visit other national parks. The positioning of Antelope Canyon makes it so that it is perfect to tour when also visiting Zion and Bryce, due to the fact it is positioned in a place that allows for travel between parks easily, and saving time over attempting to simply drive to the location and back to the starting point. Antelope Canyon is also difficult to schedule as a tour all by itself due to the potential weather restrictions. It would not be good to schedule a trip and drive all that way to have the tours not be available due to potential weather problems. This is why we will tour Antelope Canyon as part of multiple park tours, leaving room for alternative tour stops if the park is unavailable that day. This way, our guests always get a great experience even if Antelope Canyon is not available on the day it was scheduled.

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