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Why You Should Tour Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the most intriguing places on earth. It is visually unlike anything that exists on the planet, a slot canyon that has been carved over thousands of years through the sandstone floor of the rock by flash flooding. Rain from different parts of the desert collect and flow quickly through the area, ultimately following the same path over and over again and deepening the carved canyon every time they pass through. Because the canyon was carved by flash flooding and not by continually flowing water, there is a danger that goes along with touring the canyon. Flash flooding comes without warning, and can sweep away and kill anyone in the canyon when it happens. For this reason there have been numerous steps taken to insure the safety of guests, including safety railings and other aspects that can allow people to hold on if water was to rush through. The most important safety feature is that they do not allow tours by any group that is not certified as understanding the dangers, and will not allow tours of any kind if there is a possibility of a flash flood in the area. This means any rainfall at all within about a five mile radius of the canyon, which is continually observed by both the National Weather Service and by Navajo Nation who operate the canyon tours.

We prefer to do Antelope Canyon tours as part of multiple park tours. The reason for this is that the weather is unpredictable, and it is almost impossible to know if you will be able to tour the park on the day that you want to, when making plans in advance. You really only know on the morning of the day you plan to visit if you are going to be able to tour the canyon or not, so we prefer to tour the canyon as part of our multi-park tours so that it does not take as long to get there from the previous stop, and also so that we can plan for an alternative area to tour if it is unavailable on the day we plan on going. Doing it this way gives us an assurance that we will not go all that way only to not be allowed in due to the potential for a flash flood, and ultimately wasting our guests time. We prefer to always make sure that if you are going to go all the way from Las Vegas seeking the beauty of the desert outside of it, you should not get there and not be able to see what you came for. By sandwiching Antelope Canyon into larger tours, we always make sure that our guests are both happy and completely safe.

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