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Escape To Bryce, Zion and Monument Valley

If you are planning to be in Las Vegas in the future and would like to use the trip as a starting point for a great national parks tour, we urge you to check out our Zion, Bryce and Monument Valley tour. This is a special tour and our most popular offering, which uses your Las Vegas vacation as the starting point for an adventure that will take you through the scenic and beautiful national parks that are within driving distance of the city. You literally do not have to do anything but bring your sleeping bag and we will take care of all the other details. We will pick you up at your hotel room or a designated area that we announce, and will assign a tour guide to you that is familiar with all of the areas that you will be touring. Ours are not the same types of tours that other companies give, where you just sit on a bus while the driver plays an informational DVD and you take pictures through the windows. Ours are considered “adventure tours” which basically means that we encourage our guests to get out and explore the areas we tour. We are going to get you there and provide you with the basic information you need,a s well as guiding you on hikes and other activities. How you spend the rest of your time in the location is up to you to decide. If you do not want to hike and move around too much, you are free to simply stroll and take pictures. If you really wanted to have an active time exploring and learning, that is available as well.

Our three day tour is the most popular tour that we have for southwestern national parks. This is because it takes a short period of time and shows you a great deal of diversity in both landscape and eco-system across the range of parks that we visit. In addition to the parks named, we also visit Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon, which is one of the most unique experiences you are ever going to have. It is a slot canyon, which means that it was carved through the earth by flash floods, digging a trench deep into the earth and allowing you to literally walk through the crack it has formed. There are specific points at different times of year that the sunbeams coming down from above will create a photographic scene that cannot be matched anywhere else, and photographers come from allover the world to capture. The way that Antelope Canyon was created also makes it dangerous if there is a possibility for a flash flood, so we always must have a backup plan if the park is closed due to weather. Never fear, our backup areas are just as fun!

So if youa re ready to experience some of the most stunning scenery on earth and only take a few days doing it, call us today and ask about our three day tour.