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Why Use A Las Vegas Vacation To Visit National Parks?

If you are a fan of the outdoors, then you would probably enjoy exploration of some of the national parks and protected areas of our American southwest. Some of the most striking areas on earth are found in this region, ranging from the landscapes of Zion National Park to the hoodoos in Bryce or the incredible sand walls of Antelope Canyon. Of course the Grand Canyon is also one of the most recognizable places on earth due to it’s absolutely magnificent views. All of these are located within a half-day drive of Las Vegas, and because of this fact it is a good idea to plan a little extra time out of your Las Vegas vacation to visit them. After all, you have already come this far and may never get another opportunity to see these kinds of places, so it only makes sense not to miss the opportunity.

Las Vegas itself is actually a perfectly positioned starting point for southwestern national park tours. The city itself started as a stopover point for those traveling across the desert on their way to California. Because of it’s location roughly half way across the path through the desert that was taken during the silver and gold rushes, the town became the point in the desert crossing where you could stop and reload with supplies, as well as have a meal and rest before continuing your journey. Only after years of promoting the ability to find activities like gambling that were not legal elsewhere did Las Vegas become a destination itself. Previous to that point, it was merely a conveniently placed town that people passed through. One of the interesting things that remained intact about Las Vegas even after it changed and evolved over the years was it’s strategic location in proximity to other remote locations in the desert. Because of where it is located, it is the perfect starting point for trips to southwestern national parks now, instead of the place you stop in as you travel through. The city has grown to need it’s extraordinary number of hotel rooms and restaurants due to it’s own tourist traffic, and the airport and sheer number of flights to nearly any point in the world make it easy for those wanting to tour these protected spaces to reduce their driving time by flying in and starting in the city. It is remarkable that the place that you passed on your way from one place to another now is the most appropriate place to start if you are exploring the area.

So how far is Las Vegas from national parks? The answer is that Zion National Park is the closest at about 2.5 hours drive away, and Bryce, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon are all around four hours away. If you are planning on visiting multiple parks it is a good idea to start in Las Vegas and travel to Zion first, then on to the others from that point. Or even better, just let the tour up to us!