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Overnight Tours Of The Grand Canyon

Generally our most popular tours that visit the Grand Canyon are multi-day adventures that will also visit other national parks in the area. We will generally approach it this way because the amount of time that it takes to drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is relatively significant (roughly 4.5 hours) and will take a good portion of your day. When you travel that much of a distance to just get to the park entrance, it doesn’t leave you a lot of time for exploration before the sun starts to go down. We prefer to have the Grand Canyon be a stop on one of our multi-park tours because we can minimize the driving time on any one day by traveling to the nearest park first, then on to the next one after that. Because the national parks are generally closer to each other than to the city, we find that our guests have a more interesting experience, and also get to see multiple national parks which are all unique in their own way. Our Grand Canyon tours will also visit Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley. Longer tours will also visit areas like Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell.

We were called upon by our guests to provide a tour product that would visit the Grand Canyon alone, due to the fact that so many tourists in Las Vegas want to visit the canyon, but don’t have enough time to spend three days doing it. For them, we have created our Grand Canyon overnight tour, which travels to and from the Grand Canyon on two different days, allowing a full day of exploration split between two consecutive days. This tour will also provide the unique experience of camping in the Grand Canyon overnight, which most tourists do not have the opportunity to say they have experienced. For these tours, we take care of all of the aspects of the travel and camping that you need, including meals. All you need to do is bring a sleeping bag of your own and the appropriate clothing for the season.

One of the most common questions that we get asked is if it gets cold at the Grand Canyon overnight. The answer is that it depends on the time of your you are touring. If we are visiting in winter it can get cold overnight, sometimes dropping into the 30’s or around that neighborhood of temperatures. Because the area is so wide open, there is not a trapping of heat like you experience in the city. This will make it feel colder than you may be used to, so we suggest dressing in warm layers that will allow you to remove one or two if you are getting hot. The weather is difficult to predict in the desert, so it may be a good idea to watch the forecasts or contact our customer service number for suggestions when you are packing.  We will take you out to the Canyon and present you with the best time possible, but the coat is up to you!