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Grand Canyon Camping Tours

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There are different tours of the Grand Canyon that can be booked from Las Vegas, and it is important to understand which you are booking in order to get to the correct location.  Touring the Grand Canyon is a dream for many people, the one endurance to them actually having made the trip is the distance from their starting point to the Grand Canyon itself.  National Parks are generally very remote and must be accessed by car or bus in order to get there effectively.  This is because one of the aspects of national parks that keep them from being abused is that you are not allowed to build airports that can accept commercial airline traffic within a distance of the national park that could potentially impact it.  This means that you are going to have to drive to get almost any national park, the Grand Canyon included.  The Grand Canyon is located just outside of Page Arizona, which is a small town that has some services but not to the level that you would expect from a major tourist attraction.  Every year hundreds of thousands of people visit the grand canyon from Las Vegas, and because so many of them are attempting to do the trip over the course of a few days, you would think that there would be more as far as hotels or restaurants built on the perimeter.  One of the reasons that many people do not encounter this type of thing is that they are booking the wrong tour.  They end up at in an area outside of the Grand Canyon national park known as the Grand Canyon west, which is actually on Indian land and located about 2 hours from Las Vegas.  It is important to understand that this is not the national park area and visiting this region will provide you with spectacular views, but they will not be the ones that you have seen in books and magazines.  There’s also not nearly as much to do at this area has there is to do at the national park area.  This is why when people book a single day tour of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, they’re usually getting to go to this region instead of the national park region.  Because it is a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas, most people who go to the national park will actually book an overnight camping tour, which gives you the ability to not only spend full days thereafter driving almost ½ day, but they will also get to experience the Grand Canyon overnight which is a spectacular thing onto itself.  While this type of tour is also available as part of a larger tour of several national parks, Grand Canyon overnight camping tours are offered through our service as individual bookings.  This will mean that the actual tour is private, and everyone on the bus will be part of your growth.  If you’re interested in Grand Canyon overnight camping tours, please contact us immediately.