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Overnight Camping Tours Of The Grand Canyon

If you are coming to Las Vegas and want to tour the Grand Canyon, be careful that you are booking a tour to the correct part of it. Many who come to Las Vegas want to see the canyon and experience it, but naturally they are short on time. This has lead to an issue that happens quite commonly, especially for those who do not speak English as their first language. This issue is that they encounter signs and advertisements in the airport for “tours to the Grand Canyon” that only take one day. This appeals to them as they want to spend as much time in Las Vegas as possible, but also want to see the Grand Canyon. These tours are generally going to the West Rim, which is actually not inside the Grand Canyon National Park. It is an area of Navajo land about 2 hours from Las Vegas, where the Grand Canyon Skywalk has been constructed. Aside from this one feature, there is little to do in this area as far as hiking and exploration, which is why the one-day trip seems logical. These people are unfortunately missing all of the features and things to do in the national park area, which is actually located at the South Rim about 4 hours from Las Vegas. Within the national park area, you are going to find miles of hiking trails, rafting, helicopter rides, exploration tours and more. This is the area that you have seen in books and magazines, and unless you have absolutely no way that you can spend two days away from Las Vegas, this is the area that you are going to want to make sure that your tour goes to.

Bindlestiff Tours offers an overnight camping tour of the Grand Canyon for our guests. We find that this option makes more sense than driving all the way there and back in the same day, which would allow almost no time for exploration and enjoyment of the space. That would be more than 8 hours of the day spent driving alone, which when combined with even a little bit of hiking wouldn’t be very pleasant. We have always felt that driving in one day and using the rest of that day for exploration and hiking, then camping overnight makes more sense. This gives you a full day of enjoyment of the features of the Grand Canyon, and the driving is split into two days instead of trying to do the whole thing in one day. Even though we are the ones doing the driving and most of our guests sleep the entire time, it is still far better to split the drive between days. You also get the experience of sleeping outside under the stars in the Grand Canyon, which is something that you are not going to forget any time soon. If you are looking for the real experience of the old west, make sure you book our overnight camping tour. You don’t want to see the Geand Canyon any other way.