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Camp Overnight In The Grand Canyon

Seeing the Grand Canyon is one thing, but camping overnight in the Grand Canyon is another all together. If you are looking for an experience that gives you the real feeling of the old west, you have to try this. If you have come all the way to the Grand Canyon, not camping overnight would be a lot like not taking any pictures, it would seem like you missed the very best part. The Grand Canyon is one of the most magnificent places in the world, and the national park that surrounds it offers guests many options as far as ways to spend their time there.  This is why if you are coming from Las Vegas and making the more than 4 hour drive, there is no way that you are going to enjoy yourself if you only spend a little time exploring the area, you will have driven more time in that day than you actually spent enjoying yourself. Believe us, the drive to the Grand Canyon is not the most enjoyable part of the trip, and for the most part all you are going to see along the way is desert. You want to sped as much time inside the national park as possible, and that means that if you don’t camp overnight you are probably short changing yourself.

Do not get fooled by tours that are advertised to you in the airport, offering a tour to and from the Grand Canyon in one day. This is generally a bit misleading, because even though you do actually go to the Grand Canyon, the area that you go to isn’t the national park portion. It is an area of Navajo land that is located at the West Rim. This space is not nearly as scenic and doesn’t have the same hiking and exploration options that the national park does. They actually built a glass bridge there to lure tourists from Las Vegas because it is difficult to get people to patronize that area. While there is nothing wrong with this if you have only very limited time and do not care if you get the whole experience or not, we feel that if you are going to go all that way you should get everything that is offered. This is why we choose to offer our guests the overnight Grand Canyon camping tour that we do. We feel that it just makes more sense for those who actually want to explore and enjoy the Grand Canyon, instead of just snapping a picture and leaving.

Camping overnight in the Grand Canyon is an experience like nothing you have ever had. You will have never seen the stars that clearly before, because you are so far from a city that has lights and pollution that obscure the view. You will get to live like an old west cowboy did, sitting around a camp fire in the Grand Canyon, seeing s sky sso big and clear that it will change the way you see the world in general. Book yours today.