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Camp Overnight In The Grand Canyon

If you are visiting Las Vegas in the near future, you may want to check out a seasonal tour from Bindlestiff Tours that allows you to not only visit but also camp overnight in the Grand Canyon National Park. This is a unique experience that most tours of the Grand Canyon are not going to provide to you, and is only available on our Grand Canyon overnight tours or any one of the multi-park tours that also includes the Grand Canyon. The experience of camping underneath the biggest sky you have ever seen next to one of the most famous places on earth is not one to be missed.

Why is the overnight tour to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas so popular? This question is most easily answered by the fact that driving to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is going to take about 4.5 hours. If you think about how much time it would take to get there and back on the same day, you would not have very much time to actually explore the park. This would not be the best experience for our guests, due to the fact that the Grand Canyon offers so many opportunities and things to do for the adventurous type. There is magnificent hiking and picturesque photography opportunities, as well as rafting, helicopter tours, donkey rides and man other amenities. There is simply more to do than can possibly be done in only a few hours, so we feel that the best way to accomplish providing the best Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas is to split the driving into two days.

Do not be fooled by Grand Canyon tours that are provided from Las Vegas in a single day where they leave and return to the city within 24 hours. These are almost always tours of the West Rim, which is an area of Navajo land located about 2.5 hours outside the city. This area is not inside the national park space, and is far less scenic than the national park is. There is also far less to do there, without the opportunities for hiking that are found inside the national park. There is a glass bridge there that has been constructed as a tourist attraction, but this is essentially the only thing to do. The entire time on the bridge is usually less than one-half hour, which means that you will probably spend less time at the area than it took you to drive to it. This is unfortunate, and many people who do not know better accidentally book these tours believing that they are going to the national park area. Only later do they find out that they are actually at a section that does not look like they have seen in books and magazines. It seems tragic to essentially waste the only opportunity you may ever have to see the Grand Canyon on a mistake. Always ask your tour guide if you will be visiting the “national park.” Our tours are of the South Rim, which includes the national park area of the Grand Canyon.