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Touring The Grand Canyon? Do An Overnight Camp.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited places on earth, and every year millions of people fulfill their dream to see it. Luckily for them, there is far more to do at the Grand Canyon than just “see” it, and the amount of outdoor activities that are available to choose from are significant. One thing to be careful about when you are arranging your tour of the Grand Canyon is that you make sure you end up at the right place. Over the course of the last few years, tour companies have begun marketing a one-day Grand Canyon tour that actually visits the “west rim.” This is not the national park area, and although it is closer and takes less travel time to get there it is not the area that you want to go to. There is very little to do there except for walking on the glass “Skywalk” bridge, which lasts about 1/2 hour. After that, there is almost nothing else to do in the area and you will probably be transported back to Las Vegas where the tours begin. If you want the activities you have seen in magazines and on tv with horseback riding, hiking, rafting and helicopter rides tours of the Grand Canyon, then you need to go to the south rim where the national park is located. The park is located about 4.5 hours drive from Las Vegas, just outside of Page AZ. You will need to drive or arrange a tour because there are no airports closer to the park area. Naturally, we suggest a Grand Canyon tour because the drive can be very difficult, and the best areas may be hard for you to find.

The best way to see the area is to arrange a Grand Canyon overnight camping tour. This is for two reasons, first and foremost because you get to experience camping overnight in the Grand Canyon! There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for the beauty of seeing more stars than you could imagine and sitting around a campfire in one of the most iconic places on earth.  The second is because of the length of the drive and the amount of things you can do in the park.  The park is going to take a while to get to, and even if you aren’t driving it is still pretty tiring to travel. Once you get there and then spend some time exploring and hiking, you are probably not going to want to immediately drive back. There is almost no way that you could do the things you wanted to do in only a few hours before the sun goes down, so instead of trying to rush your tour we suggest camping overnight. This is going to give you the ability to have a fresh half-day of activities the next day before you  make your way back. When you are going to take the time to drive all the way to the Grand Canyon, make sure you have enough time there to enjoy yourself!