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Overnight Camping Tours To The Grand Canyon

If you have always dreamed of seeing the Grand Canyon, now is the time to do it. The weather is perfect and the Grand Canyon is at it’s most spectacular when the foliage has begun to fill in, which brings many animals out of their burrows seeking food. The amount of activities that you have at your disposal while in the park are increased in the spring and fall times as the weather is milder. The Grand Canyon can get hot in the summer, so it is best to plan your trip during these times of milder weather if you plan on spending any significant periods of time outdoors¬† exploring, and at the Grand Canyon you need to prepare for shifts in weather that can be unpredictable. This means preparing with layers of clothing that can be removed or put on depending if the weather is outside of the scope of comfort for you at any one period of time. The weather however, is not the major factor to consider when planning a trip to the Grand Canyon. The major factor to consider is the drive.

The Grand Canyon is located just outside Page AZ, which is a small town that has some services that cater to travelers. It does not have an airport, and if you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon and you do not live in the southwest, you are going to have to fly into a close major city and then arrange transport from there. Las Vegas makes the most sense because the flights are cheaper and there are more hotel choices for you. The drive from Las Vegas is about 4.5 hours across the desert, so if you are not used to that kind of driving it is best to have a tour company that specializes in Grand Canyon tours provide this service for you. The last thing you want to do is get halfway there and realize that the drive is too exhausting for you. Also make sure that the company you have hired for your tour is actually going to the national park area. There is another area of the Grand Canyon that is not as scenic that is closer, and many companies actually go to that space without divulging it to the customers. Always ask if the tour goes to the South Rim as this is the national park area.

Our tours of the Grand Canyon are overnight camping tours, simply because it is very difficult to actually drive all the way there from Las Vegas and back again in the same day, while also having any time to spend exploring the park. This would entail more than 9 hours of driving time in a single day, with exploration in between. We have found that this is not the best way to do it and still enjoy the park to the fullest, so we prefer to camp overnight. In addition to getting a full day of exploration in addition to drive times, you also get to experience the Grand Canyon overnight under the stars. There is nothing like this, so book your overnight camping Grand Canyon tour today.