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Overnight Tours Of The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

Every year millions of visitors arrive in Las Vegas with plans of seeing as much of what the entertainment capital of the world has to offer. Of course they are thinking about shows and gambling, fine restaurants and thrill rides. Las Vegas has it all when it comes to entertainment, and nearly all of it happens indoors. This is primarily due to the desert weather being exceedingly hot in the summer time, with temperatures routinely reaching the triple digit mark. Most visitors to the city find this kind of heat to be unbearable if they are out in it for extended periods of time, and to compensate the casinos and hotels have gone to great lengths to make sure that you never have to leave their properties in order to experience a world of entertainment. Of course, this is to get you to continually be exposed to the slot machines and table games, where the casinos make the majority of their money, but we are sure that the comfort of guests plays a small part i it!

For those who like the outdoors, there are many options surrounding the actual city of Las Vegas that are available as well, though far less publicized because they are not directly connected to a casino. For example, many people are unaware that the Grand Canyon is actually only a 4.5 hour drive from Las Vegas, and that Las Vegas is considered the logical starting point for those traveling to the Grand Canyon if they do not live in the southwestern United States. This is because the Grand Canyon is relatively remote, and although it is one of the most popular destinations on earth it is still going to require driving to get there. If you are not from the southwest, then you are going to need to fly into a nearby city in order to begin your drive from there, and the nearest cities that have major airports are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Because Las Vegas is so much better suited for hotels and restaurants, it makes more sense to start there. It also makes sense to allow someone else to do the driving for you, as desert driving in a rented car is quite difficult. The cost of the transportation alone is worth it to use a tour company like ours.

The one thing that you must consider when you are touring the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is the length of the drive. It is more than 4 hours from the city to Page, AZ where the Grand Canyon National Park is located. This drive is quite difficult if you are attempting it both back and forth on the same day, especially if you spend any time at all hiking and exploring once you are at the Grand Canyon. It is far better to camp overnight in the park so that you can have enough time to get there and explore on one day, and then explore and drive back the next. This is why our overnight camping tours of the Grand Canyon are so popular, because it provides our guests with enough exploration time to not have the travel distances impact their experience. Book your overnight tour of the Grand Canyon today.