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The Best National Parks Tour From Las Vegas

If you are on vacation in Las Vegas and want to take a few days away form the casinos, or if you have always wanted to see some of the most diverse national parks in the world and want to use Las Vegas as the starting point, then our 3 day tour of southwestern national parks is sure to please you.  Las Vegas is the perfect starting point for these types of tours because of the location of the city in proximity to them. Las Vegas was actually created for the purpose of resupplying travelers across the desert as they made the trip to the west coast destinations, but eventually it became a destination itself with an ample supply of hotel rooms and airline choices. Las Vegas is generally the closest airport to any national park in the southwest, and while Salt Lake City also offers the same amenities, Las Vegas is generally a better choice because it is better set up for tourists. It is also only 2 hours from Zion Canyon, which is our first stop on any tour of this kind. Stopping at Zion first gives us the ability to use the distances between parks to our advantage, minimizing the amount of driving that takes place in between parks. We start in Las Vegas and pend day one at Zion as well as Bryce. Even though they are only about 2 hours apart from one another, they are incredibly different in the features that they have. Bryce is spectacular with the Hoodoos that are so unique, and Zion has some of the best hiking on earth. We camp overnight before moving on the next day to Monument Valley, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon. Monument Valley is one of the backdrops that you have probably seen many times in old western movies. Antelope Canyon is amazing and is a slot canyon that literally looks like a groove was cut out of the earth. If you are there at the correct time of year, you may even get to see some of the famous light rays that come down from the canyon top to the floor below. A common photograph that people do is to throw sand into the light beams. Antelope Canyon is only able to be toured by groups like ours that have been certified in the safety aspects of the canyon. We finish our third day at the Grand Canyon, touring the south rim area and park. As far as saving the best for last this tour does not disappoint, as the Grand Canyon is considered by most to be one of the areas that you must see before you die. It is so big that words literally do it no justice. After a day of exploration it is back to Las Vegas to finish your vacation any way that you want to.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love our three day tour of the southwestern national parks. They will provide you with enough diversity and beauty to last a lifetime.