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How Far Is The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

A grand canyon tour is the way to go if you plan on visiting the grand canyon from Las Vegas.  This is simply do to the fact that most people have difficulty with the distances that you’re going to need to drive in order to get to any of the areas of the grand canyon from the city.  The question “how far as it to the grand canyon from Las Vegas” is usually asked by people who are considering whether they should try to make the drive themselves or take a tour that is offered by one of the tour companies based in Las Vegas.  While it is more than possible to make the drive yourself, and thousands of people do it every year, it doesn’t make the trip very enjoyable, especially if you’re trying to do it in one day.  Depending on which part of the grand canyon you go to, you can expect to drive more than 5 hours to get to any of the national park areas, and at least 3 hours to get to the grand canyon west area which is not part of the national park.  Most people are advised to not take a rental car to the grand canyon west anyway, do the fact that driving off a road is not allowed within the contracts of most rental car companies.  There’s a large portion of driving to the grand canyon west that is not on paved roads, and therefore you might be responsible for damage to the rental car that happens.  Driving to the north and south rims of the grand canyon will both keep you on paved roads the entire time, but are usually very difficult for people who are not used to driving long distances.  What’s even worse is that if you don’t have experience driving through the desert, it is going to seem like a lot more than 5 hours each way.  Simply put, there is not a lot in between Las Vegas and the grand canyon to break up the monotony of the drive.  The desert all looks the same for the majority of the trip, which can make it very boring and difficult after a few hours.  It is also not advise to take a car that you’re not familiar with on this trip do the fact that there is not cell phone service for large portions of it.  While there is plenty of traffic on the roads themselves, it still can be a little bit nerve wracking if there is a breakdown along the way.  If you’re trying to do that or in a single day, is highly suggested that you do not try to drive yourself because 10 hours of driving and a few hours of outdoor exploration in a park is going to be exhausting.  For the safety of yourself and everyone in your car, is always suggested that you can’t overnight and don’t try to undertake the trip both directions on the same day.