Bindlestiff Tours

Private Adventure Tours

Many companies provide tours of national parks that leave from Las Vegas. Most of them are pretty much the same, essentially involving riding on a bus while a DVD plays on screens that gives you information on the area you are driving through. It is common for the bus driver to stop at certain observation points and let people out to take pictures and maybe stroll around a little bit. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, we feel that it is not capturing the spirit of a national parks tour, and instead is simply a sightseeing tour that happens to go to a national park, just like any sightseeing tour that would take you past monuments and places of interest in a city. Yes, you may be standing in front of it and able to take pictures of it, but you are not experiencing it in a way that puts you into that picture. You are not actually getting the best part of “being in” that environment in that protected space. Simply looking at something like a backdrop is not going to give you that feeling that you were there, instead you are simply standing in front of something or driving past it.

Bindlestiff Tours provides adventure tours, which ultimately translates to our guests getting out of the bus or van and actually exploring the area that we all find so beautiful. Every national park has specific aspects or areas that make it totally unique, and we believe that hiking through those areas, exploring them and even sleeping in them is the only way to truly experience them. We like to spend our days and nights actually living in those areas like the original people did, even if it is for only a short time. This means that you have to get out and start moving around, smelling the smells and feeling the trails beneath your feet. Naturally, some people want a different experience that is not going to put them into the backdrop, but we think they are missing the point.

When we explore an area like the Grand Canyon, Bryce or Zion we like to move around the specific things that make the area so unique. We like to walk right up to the hoodoos and touch them, explore the vastness of Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon by hiking through them the way the cowboys did. We like to get out into Zion Canyon and Antelope Canyon in a way that will allow us to remember the way it felt to be there, as opposed to just the way it looked. We like to camp under the stars and see the differences between the night and day in a national park, and see the stars in a completely different way. A Bindlestiff Tour will not only change the way you look at an area, hopefully it will change the way you look at yourself. Contact us today to ask about our private and semi-private adventure tour options, and get out there and start exploring.