Bindlestiff Tours

Private Tours Are The Best Kind

If you are ready to start exploring the national parks outside of Las Vegas, or have simply dreamed of seeing some of these iconic spaces for yourself, then you will want to start considering the kind of tour that you would like to have. The majority of tour companies that offer products that leave from Las Vegas and go to national parks are simply sightseeing tours. What is going to happen in many of them is that you will get a seat on a bus that will pick you up in Las Vegas and drive you to the national park you have chosen. Upon arrival a DVD will tell you interesting facts about the area, and you will stop at various scenic points to take pictures of the landscape, or selfies with it as the backdrop. There is nothing wrong with this, but we always felt that actually experiencing an area was better than just standing in front of it for a picture.

We offer a specific type of national park tour called an “adventure tour.” This means that your experience is going to be much closer to a guide taking you on an adventure than a driver taking you to a backdrop for a photo op. Our tour leaders are familiar with the areas because they have experienced them themselves, and they have an intimate knowledge of the area as well as a love for it. Our leaders are there to help you have the experience that you want, the one where you and your loved ones are actually living in the area the way the natives did. You are hiking the trails that Indians hiked on, and you are sleeping under the stars that cowboys did a hundred years ago when the land was untamed. You will remember the way the place felt, the way the air smelled, and the way the ground felt under your feet. You will see the animals and plants that only live in the area, and you will come up close and personal with the things that make the place so special. The real differences between our tours are if you are going to do it as a private or a semi-private experience.

If you can arrange a group of enough people, you can completely book our vans and ultimately make your tour “private.” This means that you are in control of what we do or see, and your group is going to get the experience you want. If you don’t want to do something specific, you have the ability to change the program. Our semi-private tours can be booked with only a few people, or just yourself. The experience is the same except that we follow a more specific route and do things that are more planned out in advance. There are many aspects of each park that are the standards that most guests want to do, so our semi-private tours will cater to those things. No matter if it is a private tour or a semi-provate tour of our national parks, Bindlestiff Tours is the best choice.