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The Private Tour From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

When you come to Las Vegas, you should plan on taking at least one day out of your trip to see the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking and iconic spaces in the entire world, and when you are planning a trip to Las Vegas you are actually coming to the most logical starting point for a trip to the area. The only way to effectively get to the area is through ground transportation as governmental rules prohibit development in the surrounding area as well as restrict airline traffic over it. The best starting point for a Grand Canyon trip is Las Vegas just because it is the closest major airport as well as offering plenty of hotel and restaurant choices. This is in addition to the fact that Las Vegas is a tourist attraction on it’s own.

There are two different areas that are marketed to tourists as the Grand Canyon, and you need to know which is which in order to avoid any regrets. The south rim is where the national park space is, and the west rim is an area of Indian land where the Skywalk is. The Skywalk is the glass bridge that was installed into the canyon wall as a tourist attraction, and has come under heavy scrutiny for ruining the natural beauty of the area. This reason in combination with the fact that the national park space also has far more to do as far as hiking and exploring leads us to prefer the south rim over the west rim as far as tours. Even though the west rim is closer, we feel that if you are going to come this far it makes sense to take the extra time to see the actual national park, as opposed to just another area inside the Grand Canyon. Our tours are considered “adventure style” tours, in that we do not just go to the area for pictures. Instead, we prefer to get out and into the space for hiking and exploring, in order to give the guests a more intimate feeling about the canyon itself. We want our guests to feel as though they lived there, as opposed to just having a picture taken in front.

The Grand Canyon can be experienced as part of our multi-day multi-park tours, or as an independent one day tour in a private setting. The private Grand Canyon tours that we offer transport you and your group in a private van with a private tour guide to the space, in order to explore and experience it the way you want to. We will provide you with all the guidence you want, but ultimately you are the one making the decisions as far as what we do and see. If you want your group to simply get to the area for private hiking, then thats what we will do.  If you want to camp over night under the stars in the Grand Canyon, that will be arranged. Book your private Grand Canyon tour today.