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The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

Every year millions of tourists come to Las Vegas, and upon getting out of the plane they are greeted with advertisements for tours of the Grand Canyon. While few tourists are going to think that a Grand Canyon tour wouldn’t be a perfect addition to their vacation, they may not realize that there is a potential for disappointment built into these ads that could bother them. The fact that many of the ads they are seeing are for an area that is technically “the Grand Canyon” yet is not the national park area that they have seen in books and magazines can produce regret when they go all that way only to realize that the area they are visiting is not as scenic and does not have as much to do as they expected. This can be avoided by asking when you book your trip if the area that you will be visiting is the south rim or the west rim. The south rim is the national park area, where you will find all of the activities that you have expected. The west rim is less scenic but has he Skywalk, a glass bridge that has come under scrutiny for ruining the natural beauty of the canyon in order to attract tourists. We provide tours to the south rim, as we feel that the natural beauty of the canyon is what you should be allowed to experience.

There are several tour packages that we offer that will tour the Grand Canyon. Our most popular packages involve multiple parks and include Bryce and Zion in addition to the Grand Canyon. You can get a three and seven day experience that will both include the canyon, and also will have multiple stops and camping in additional national parks. We also offer a private tour of the Grand Canyon, this one involving only your group in a private van and including a private tour leader. On the private tours, you are more in control of the agenda and what the group experiences, as well as the luxury of having the entire group being only your friends and family. The private group tours are perfect for business outings as well as family get togethers. Because of the “adventure tour” aspects, there will always be plenty to do.

If you would like to tour the Grand Canyon as a private group, it will take around 4 hours to get there from our starting point in Las Vegas. We can camp overnight in order to provide your group with ample exploration time, but if you only have a single day we can also accommodate you. You simply have to come prepared for a shorter day than you would have if we were camping, and expect that we are not going to be able to do as much. There are many companies offering Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, but Bindlestiff Tours are always considered the best. Nowhere else will you get to experience the Grand Canyon like you do with us!