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Private Tours Of The Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth, and a large percentage of those who come to Las Vegas also plan on visiting a national park in the area while they are here. This is pretty much because they realize that Las Vegas is perfectly positioned to be a starting point for national parks tours, the American southwest having numerous to choose from. Las Vegas was originally a stopover for those traveling across the desert from the east coast to the west coast, and served as a place where you could rest and restock before continuing across the desert. It soon became popular for offering the kinds of things that people could not find elsewhere, and ultimately became a location onto itself for tourists. Instead of simply stopping there on their way to another place, they¬† went to Las Vegas as the destination. The position of the city in the middle of the desert positions it perfectly as the logical starting point for tours of national parks that are also in the desert surrounding it. There are numerous parks within a half-day drive, and Zion is only a few hours drive away! This means that taking a day or two out of your Las Vegas vacation can allow you to experience things that might otherwise require a vacation of their own, essentially combining the time in order to get closer to the park you want to see. The Grand Canyon is probably the most obvious location that is one of many people’s “bucket list” sights, and can be easily reached within a half day drive from Las Vegas. If you live anywhere outside of the southwestern US, you should use your Las Vegas trip to also visit the Grand Canyon.

There are many types of tours of the Grand Canyon that are available from Las Vegas, but for those who don’t just like to watch the world go by through a bus window the “adventure tour” is probably the best choice. This means that you are going to get out and into the environment, instead of just taking pictures of it. You are going to hike and camp, explore and experience the area the way that the natives did thousands of years ago. By interacting with the area instead of simply photographing it, you will get a keener sense of what it is like to exist there, and will grow to love it more. You will feel like you are part of it.

The private tour of the Grand Canyon that we offer is an “adventure type” tour, allowing a small group of your close friends or relatives to have their own personal tour guide through the canyon itself. Instead of just having a bus driver who lets you listen to a DVD while he drives you to the next area to see, our private Grand Canyon tours are going to be filled with activities and adventure. Make your next Las Vegas trip an experience you will never forget, and also tour the most iconic area on earth.