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Grand Canyon Private Tours

If you have a small group that would like to experience the Grand Canyon, our private tours are perfect for you. They are great for almost any occasion ranging from a birthday or celebration to an office team building experience, and of course they are also perfect for the large family who wants a Grand Canyon experience that they can tell their friends about. Our private tours leave from Las Vegas, and make the four hour trek to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the national park area, not to be confused with the many tours from Las Vegas that visit the west rim. The west rim is not the national park or a protected space, but instead consists of Navajo land that has recently been outfitted with a glass bridge as a tourist attraction. It is criticized by some as destroying the natural beauty of the area for a “theme park” feel, but for those less interested in the natural beauty of the area it may be appropriate. We feel that it is worth it to make the extra drive, because if you are going to come this far you should probably experience the area that you have seen in the books and magazines. The west rim is not as scenic, and there is not nearly as much to do there.

The reason that we suggest the private tours of the Grand Canyon is because you can have the experience that you are looking for, as opposed to one that would fit the majority of tastes. When you are in control of what the group does or sees, you are assured to have a better time than if you are doing what the majority of people want to do. On our private tours, we will make suggestions as to the itinerary, but you are basically in control. The tour will be lead by our experienced guides who have an intimate knowledge of the area, and the entire van will only be people that are in your group. This way, we get to concentrate on the wide diversity of activities that will appeal to your group specifically. We can go to the area for as little as one day, or as much time as you would like by arrangement. We will take care of all of the aspects of the tour, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Our tours leave from Las Vegas because it is the logical starting point for tours of the Grand Canyon. It is situated about 4.5 hours from the park, and is appropriate as a tourist location itself. Most people who take our private tours are arranging them as additions to their Las Vegas vacation, essentially booking a few extra days and planning on getting away from the city during that time. If you have come all the way from home to go to Las Vegas, there is almost no reason not to take just a little extra time to visit the most iconic space on earth!