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Private National Parks Tours

National parks tours are a popular product for Las Vegas locals and visitors, because there are so many diverse and beautiful parks surrounding the city. We are perfectly situated to be the starting point for tours of almost all of the national parks in the southwestern United States, for the same reason that made Las Vegas a destination in the first place. Las Vegas was originally popular only as a stopover for travelers across the Mojave Desert. People traveling from coast to coast in the early days of western settlement had an especially difficult time across this stretch of the trip, due to the fact that there was very little in the desert as far as established areas. You needed to get all the way across before supplies ran out, and due to this need Las Vegas became a popular place to stop, rest and re-stock anything you need before continuing your journey. It was essentially positioned at the mid-point of the most popular route through the desert, and after some time surviving on the needs of travelers realized that supplying the things they want will also draw them. This meant gambling, prostitution and other vices that could not be found in more populated cities, and Las Vegas became a destination of it’s own by supplying them, far away from the eyes of those back home. Almost by accident, it also became the perfect starting point for traveling to southwestern national parks because of it’s position and proximity to them, as well as the volume of rooms and restaurants available. Combining a trip to Vegas and a trip to your favorite national park became good planning. As a result, the business of providing tours from Las Vegas to these national parks and protected spaces was born.

There are two different types of tours that go to national parks, private and non-private. This means that the bus or van that you are transported from in Las Vegas is either completely filled with people from the same party or organization, or it is guests from different parties. If you are arranging a private tour, you can typically have more control over the itinerary because the entire group can come to a consensus on what to do and see. If the group is more diverse, it would not be fair to do what one person wants and not another, so a more generalized version of the tour must be followed. With regards to national parks, many times there is so much to do or see within the pace that it all cannot be covered within the allotted time frame, and as a result choices of the best or most popular attractions must be made by the tour provider. On a private tour of national parks, you are more in control. While the tour company can provide suggestions, you are ultimate the one making these choices. Arrange a private national parks tour from Las Vegas through Bindlestiff Tours today, and get set for the adventure of a lifetime.