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Touring National Parks In Small Groups

National parks tours take a few different shapes, and you should do a little research as to what kind of tour you are booking before you pay your money. You wan to be sure that you are going to get the kind of tour your envision, because there is a good chance that this will be the only opportunity you have to visit the area. National parks are notoriously hard to get to because of the amount of driving that is necessary. They are generally quite remote and are located many hours drive from the nearest city. This means that if you do not live within driving distance of the park yourself, then you are going to need to fly into a nearby city and start there. In the case of southwestern national parks, the drive from your starting city is going to be many hours through the desert, and if you are not familiar with this type of driving it may be best to leave it to a professional. By the time that you pay for a rental car, gas and food as well as other preparation items, you are probably going to be paying almost as much as if you booked your tour from a company that provides them! The problem is that when you look at the offerings that the tour companies discuss on their websites, many times you cannot figure out if it is a big or small bus, or if it is an “adventure tour” or not. These differences are going to be important to the experience you have, and if this is a once in a lifetime trip you are going to want to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.

Bindlestiff Tours provides national parks and protected spaces tours that leave from Las Vegas NV, as well as several other locations. Our tours are “adventure style” which means that instead of simply sitting on a bus while a dvd plays information on the area you are passing through, we actually stop the buses and get out and into the scenery. We encourage our guests to hike, explore and get to know the surroundings the way settlers did in the past, instead of just taking some pictures and moving along. We prefer to camp and hike the areas of each park that we travel to, so that you can see the beauty as well as the plants and animals close up. We do not view our tours as “passive observation” and instead we actively move through the spaces. We offer two different types of tours based on group size. Our “private adventure tours” are offered to groups that are large enough to take up the entire van themselves. Private tours are more personal, and will give you more opportunities to control what the group sees and does. Our non-private tours are going to use a more set path and schedule, that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and people. No matter which type of tour your choose, we can assure you that Bindlestiff Tours are unlike any other.