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Private Luxury National Parks Tours For Small Groups

Question:  What is the smallest number of people that you can have in a private luxury tour of national parks surrounding Las Vegas?  The answer depends on what time of year you are booking.  The typical number that is a minimum of seats that must be sold in a van is about 12 in order for the tour to be considered private.  Ultimately what this means is that your group consists of about 12 people you can get the benefits of a private tour of the national parks that you choose.  If your group does not consist of 12 people and you would still like to see the benefits of the product war as opposed to a group tour, you may be asked to pay a slightly higher price per seat in order to cover the costs that are involved in producing that tour.  Naturally, tour guide and driver must be paid as well as the gas charges and van rental as well as ancillary items like camping charges and equipment rentals, as well as food.  Groups of any size were able to book a private tour of their own as long as the costs of all of these aspects of tour production were covered, which generally made private tours less attractive for members of families than they were to group tours.  In a group tour, you were able to book a few seats as you would like and you will be placed into a group setting with others who have done the same.  In this setting the prices per seat were able to be kept significantly lower than in the setting up a private tour.  The benefits of the tour that is private is that you can customize exactly where you’re going to visit as well as what you’re going to do once you get there.  Group tours must be structured in a way that they can be enjoyed by all members who may be on the bus, old and young as well as physically fit or less fit.  This means that even though you may be in good shape and able to hike on more difficult trails, we would not be able to do these kinds of things because they would leave out members of the group who were also on the same trip.  The private tour gives you the ability two structure these kinds of activities to be more appropriate for the members of your group.

To answer what is the lowest number of people that can book a private tour currently, the answer is four.  Due to the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic has created the need for being socially distant for people that you do not know, we have decreased the amount of seats that must be booked on a tour to the number that matches an average family.  This means that four people to book their own tour for about the same price as it would be to book four seats on a group tour, gaining all of the benefits of our product offerings in a setting where you can be not only save but also in control of what happens once we are.