Bindlestiff Tours

Private Tours Of National Parks For Families

The private tour option was generally out of the question for small families in the past.  Private tours were more geared towards larger groups that were affiliated, like work outings or team building experiences.  If you had the ability to cover the cost of 12 seats in the van, you would be able to book a private tour for any number of people, but generally the expense associated with covering that many charges made the option less desirable to a typical family men simply taking a group tour.  The only real differences between the group tours and the private tours are they were spending time with other people were not affiliated directly with your party within the same group.  This means that you would be spending several hours driving from the starting point to the ending point in the van with them as well as being transported between locations inside of the national parks that we are visiting.  You would be camping near each other, and would also be participating in group activities that cater to the entire group.  Customization of the tours is not available in the group options do the fact that some members would have different desires or abilities than others.  You might enjoy a strenuous hike, but other members of that same group are not going to be able to do the same things.  This is why we need to restructure our tours to appeal to a wide range of different abilities and needs.  The private versions of these tours will generally visit the same types of places and utilized the same types of transportation, the only difference being that the entire party that is inside of the van is known to you.  The private versions will also give you more ability to customize activities on that tour, and if you would like specific types of activities or places that you would like to see, you can bring this up before booking in order to get the exact product get you would like.

In the past, our product were options were only available for parties of 12 or more.  In order for us to make a profit we need to cover at least 12 seats in the van, but since the Coronavirus epidemic as given us a new way of needing to look at how far apart people are from each other in enclosed spaces, we have dropped the necessary amount of people on a private tour to only four.  This gives us the ability to cater to typical family sizes, and gives us the ability to offer our private tour packages to far smaller groups than any of our competition.  You would like more information about private tours, please contact us as soon as possible due to the fact that these products are only available for a limited time and will not be available in the future.  Once our regulations for social distancing are loosened, we will return to the 12 minimum rules for private tours.