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Private Tours Are Now Just As Affordable As Group Tours

Most people will never get the luxury of taking a private tour of a national park.  This is because in order for a tour to be truly private you must cover the expenses that the tour company has to put forward in order to make money on that particular product.  The amount of money that is going to cost per seat is usually divided by the amount of seats that can be filled on the bus or van along with any ancillary costs like paying the guide or driver as well as meals.  There also edition looks fences like the admission charges that the park will charge to the group as well as other aspects that must be factored in in order to find the seat price.  The small profit is then added onto each seat in order to maintain the profitability of the company.  Private tours are going to be using the same kinds of vehicles and probably using the same amount of tour guides and drivers.  There would be less expense involved in the meals or camping expenses, but generally this is not the largest expense.  This is why for a tour to deprive it most companies that are small sized tour operators are going to need a fillip least 12 seats in a van in order to remain profitable.  Once the 12 seats have been covered as far as the charges go, there’s a certain amount of flexibility that can be worked in to a tour because you are not dealing with the wants and desires of the diverse group of people.  You have more ability to choose the things that you would like to do and the kinds of activities that you would like to partake in within that tour itself.  For example, if you enjoy more strenuous an active hikes that a person who would be less physically fit can take, a group tour is not going to be able to give you the option of performing these kinds of activities.  The private tour can be customized in a way that will allow your group to operate in a way that would make that tour more enjoyable for them.  In the past, we needed to fill at least 12 seats in the van for a tour to be able to be considered private, but now we have reduced the amount to four in order to cater to the typical family size.

The Coronavirus epidemic has given us the necessity to provide social distances between people.  This means that it is difficult to maintain a safe distance between people while they are inside of an being transported from a starting point to the national park of their choice.  The answer was to provide the private tour option to smaller groups in order to allow for every member of the party to be known as not able to get each other sick.  This option is available for the price of the typical group tour for four people.  These products are only available for a limited time so book now.