Bindlestiff Tours

Private Tours For The Price Of Group Tours

Most people who are stuck at home right now due to the Coronavirus pandemic are looking for ways that they can safely get outside and enjoy some entertainment without having a lot of people around.  All the suggestions from people around the world are that we need to maintain enough distance away from one another to not potentially cause infection, and outside of your immediate family it is a good idea to avoid other people.  This makes travel in many circumstances a little more difficult because you are bound to need to be in a group setting on a plane or on a bus if you are traveling.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to book a private plane or bus, then you are able to maintain the amount of distance that will be necessary to keep yourself safe, but for most people the expense associated with this kind of private travel is not an option.  For our tours, we utilize vans that hold around 12 people, and we realize that many people are going to be uncomfortable with being in an enclosed space surrounded by 10 or so other people you are not familiar with.  This is why we have decided to extend our private tours to the general public in a way that we previously could not do.  In the past, we needed to fill it least 12 seats on a van in order to have a tour be considered private.  This meant that your party would need to fill at least 12 seats in the van, or have fewer people than 12 but still cover the costs that it would be for 12 to be taking the trip.  We needed to do this in order to cover our costs and pay our tour guides and drivers.  Even though our private tours are still available for up to 12 people, we have decided to lower the amount required to book the van of your own to only four people in a party now.  This gives the average family an ability take a private tour without any strangers that being involved in the process.

Aside from the obvious social distancing of your party from others, private tours have always been best way that a group can tour a national park.  You’re able to dictate the terms of the tour, and choose the things that you would like to do and see.  When other people are involved in the same tour, it is very difficult for us to satisfy everything that everyone would desire.  This is why we would generally created for that will cater to all types of people, providing a good experience for everyone.  But for those that would enjoy more of a specific type of activity, the private tour was the only option.  Now that we have reduced the amount of people necessary to take a private tour, we’re seeing that those who are both cost conscious and who wants to provide a little bit extra attention to detail are opting for our new private products.  For the same price as booking for seats on a group tour, you now get the entire tour to yourself.  This is a limited time offer so contact us immediately to find out more details.