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The Advantage Of Private Luxury Tours of National Parks

Many people are unaware of the differences between luxury private tours and the standards tours that are offered by companies that provide adventures that explore the national parks of the American Southwest.  Companies like ours will provide group tours in varying levels.  This gives them the ability to decide how many people must be on a single tour bus or van in order for them to ultimately turn a profit after considering all of the expenses that must be factored in.  The tour guide and driver are only part of the expenses that must be covered, and depending on the nature of that tour, there can also be significant additional expenses like all of the elements of an entire group camping overnight in different national parks as well as all of the meals that must be provided for the guests.  Gas and admission charges as well as any ancillary expenses must also be figured in.  Each company is going to have a different amount that is necessary in order to make the business work, and usually they will decide how much interaction will happen between themselves and the people were running that tour as an ability to make more money or less.  This is generally where the nature of that tour is decided.  Naturally, adventure tours like the ones that we provide there also designed for small groups are going to have a higher cost that must be covered.  Depending on how many different parks are toured as well as how many days will be spent on that tour will generally dictate the costs that we must cover, and then add a small profit on top.  This dictates the price per person of our products, when they are being presented in a group setting.  We will generally need about 12 people to fill our van in order for us to make money providing the tours that we do.  Private tours work the same way and must cover the same kinds of costs, so generally we would consider a tour to be private if 12 members for more from the same party are booking one van with one tour guide.

A new development that is taking place with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic is that people are uncomfortable being around those who they do not know or have experience with.  People’s safety is our primary concern, which is led us to offer our private tours to groups of only four people for a limited time.  The pricing has been set to be around the same price as it would be to book four seats on a group tour, which is a significant savings as well as giving you all of the benefits of the private tour option.  By having the tour booked privately, you are going to have more control over where we go and what we do, as well as maintaining a safe distance from all people were not in your party.  These offers up for a limited time only, so act now.