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Private Tours For Small Groups At National Parks

Small groups benefit from the ability to privatize their tour experiences when visiting national parks, as long as they can arrange for the right company to provide them with guidance.  The problem for many people is that the definition of small group is not exactly what they can handle.  For most tour companies, they must look at a small group has about 12 people in order for them to be able to pay a product guide to lead a group for a multiple day adventure in the national parks of their choosing, while also providing all of the necessary elements for camping and comfortable stay.  The tour guide and driver themselves are going to be portion of the costs that must be covered, along with the meals and camping elements that are necessary.  The thought of having a personal tour guide is the kind of thing that most families would dream about but can never do because they’re simply not large enough to take a poll of the seats on the bus.  Because of the extra seats that will be necessary, you either need to pay far more than you would ever expect, or you are going to need to figure out a way to have other people involved in that tour that are not your immediate family.  The experience is either going to be more expensive than you expected or not as private as you would like.  This is the case for the majority of the time, simply due to the economics of having to cover all of the costs of a private tour.  The special circumstance the United States guns itself in today provides small families with an opportunity like no other.

For a limited time, the private tours that we would typically offer to groups of 12 or less are being offered to families or groups of four.  Not only have the group size is been reduced in order to allow for private setting without outside people traveling with you, but the prices have been reduced to reflect the same amounts of money that it would cost of four people to take a tour in a group setting.  This is never been offered before, and after the Coronavirus pandemic finally passes we can expect these offers to no longer be available to the general public.  Only for this limited time is a typical family able to enjoy be completely private experience with their own tour guide in the national Parks of their choosing, and do it at a price that is typically offered to group tour settings.  This is truly an opportunity that will only be available for a short period of time, and can provide a once in a lifetime experience it is completely personalized for only you and your family at a cost that is affordable.  If you would like to find out more about private tours for small groups for national parks, contact us today.