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Visit The Grand Canyon On Our Tours

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular destinations on earth, due to the fact that the sheer magnitude of the space between the canyon walls is unlike anything that most people have ever witnessed. The Grand Canyon is world renowned as potentially the most magnificent view on earth, and as a result there are an unbelievable amount of travelers to the location every year. The Grand Canyon is remote, located near Page AZ and ultimately accessible only by car or bus. This means that you are either going to have to drive there from your home directly, or fly into a location that can be used as a starting point for your driving trip. The starting point of choice for most travelers who are destined to see the Grand Canyon is Las Vegas.

Las Vegas makes the most logical sense for the beginning of your Grand Canyon tour, simply because Las Vegas itself is appropriately positioned in the middle of the longest stretches of desert between occupied areas. Las Vegas was born as a stopover town where you could reload with supplies and rest before continuing on your journey to the destination you were traveling to, but once air traffic allowed you to fly into Las Vegas from other places, then it made more sense to use as the starting point in order to cut drive time down. In addition to this convenience, Las Vegas is also built as a tourist location so there are ample restaurants and hotels to choose from while you are here. Most people touring the Grand Canyon will allocate a few extra days to visit Las Vegas while they are here, combining the vacation into two parts.

Once you have landed in Las Vegas, you have to decide if you are going to drive to the Grand Canyon yourself or if you are going to take a guided tour. There are several companies that provide Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, ourselves included. One of the main areas of concern when booking your tour will be to make sure that the tour is going to the south rim and not the west rim. West rim tours are not taking you to the national park, but instead are taking you to an area that is technically still the Grand Canyon but is under the control of the Navajo Indian tribe. This area is not as scenic and does not have as much to do at it, and is more appropriate for those tourists who do not want to explore the canyon area. It is more of a tourist destination for those seeking to walk on the glass bridge and take a few pictures. We only offer tours to the south rim area, which is the national park and protected space. We find this area to be more in line with the experiences that our adventure travelers are looking for. If you are ready to tour the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, give us a call.