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Zion Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

If you have ever wanted to tour Zion Canyon but it was too far of the drive from your home, there may be a better way to approach it.  It almost doesn’t matter where you live in the country or in the world, you’re able to tour a Zion Canyon by flying into Las Vegas.  Many people are unaware that for the same reason the Las Vegas most popular during the early part of the century, it can be used today to tour national parks.  Las Vegas is positioned in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and was once used as a stopover point by those traveling across the desert on their way to California.  The majority of the trip from the East Coast is uneventful, but once travelers made it into the Mojave Desert, they faced a long trip with nothing in between populated areas for hundreds of miles.  Las Vegas was the destination of people were trying to make it to before they would stop, because to the positioning debut in appropriate halfway point across the desert itself.  If you can plan to have enough supplies to be kept on hand to make it halfway across the desert to Las Vegas, then you could restock an and rest before continuing the trip the rest of the way.  Las Vegas was once a simple stop on a larger trip, but for now is either the destination itself or the beginning of a trip to other places.

Las Vegas and Salt Lake City are the closest cities with major airports to the majority of the southwestern national parks.  Either of these cities can be used as a starting point for places like the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon, however if you are planning on going to Zion Canyon It makes more sense to start in Las Vegas than in Salt Lake City.  This is because Zion Canyon is actually only about 2 ½ hours drive from Las Vegas.  This makes it one of the closest national Parks to a major city in the United States, and probably also has a lot to do with the fact that Zion Canyon has become one of the most popular national parks in the country.  When people realize that they can fly into Las Vegas and thereby save many hours of driving time, then begin their trip to the national park from there, it makes so much more sense to do it that way.  If you’re unfamiliar with desert driving, and even better plan is to allow one of the local tour companies to do the driving for you.  Many people who are not used to driving in the desert don’t realize just how desolate it is, and ultimately find out the hard way that a 2 hour trip can feel like 4 hours.  In addition to that, there is usually no cell phone service in the desert, which can make a breakdown be quite dangerous.  Leave the driving us, sit back and enjoy your trip.