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Tours Of National Parks Of The Southwest

If you’re a one who really enjoys exploring national Parks, a trip to Las Vegas can be a bonanza.  This is because the proximity of the city to the national Parks of the American Southwest make it the perfect starting point.  When you look at the distance from Las Vegas to the popular national Parks in the area you realize that the only two major cities that makes sense as a starting point are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.  This is because those are the only two cities that have major airports that support commercial airline traffic.  There are small towns that are closer, but none of them have airports big enough to support commercial traffic.  When you compare Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, Las Vegas makes much more sense because it’s already a course location unto itself.  There are more hotels and restaurants that are going to fit your budget and Las Vegas then there are nearly every other city on earth.  Additionally because of the amount of traffic that comes to Las Vegas every year, there are going to be more flights from wherever you’re coming from at better prices than if you’re flying into Salt Lake City.  As a starting point Las Vegas makes much more sense.

The majority of the national Parks and the American Southwest are around ½ day’s drive from Las Vegas.  Zion Canyon is only 2 ½ hours from downtown.  Bryce and monument valley are only a few hours from Zion, and the grand canyon is only a few hours more.  This is why we structured tours that leave Las Vegas and visit multiple national Parks all the same trip.  It makes more sense than trying to drive from Las Vegas to a national park and then back because the Parks are actually closer to one another than they are to Las Vegas.  One word of caution, if you’re planning on trying to do drive yourself, if you’re not familiar with desert driving it might be a good idea to look into one of the tours that is provided by us or company like us.  Driving across the desert is far more difficult than many people would ever expect.  There is nearly nothing to break up the visual landscape, and you will literally drive for hours before you see even the slightest bit of civilization.  If you’re familiar with driving under those circumstances, and even worse you’re renting a car, the drive itself is going to be a nightmare.  For many people who take our tours, they comment that not having to drive alone is worth the price.  Factor in all of the additional things that we provide like it or guide that has an intimate knowledge of the area, as well as all of your food, and you realize that taking a tour will actually cost and far less than you would expect.  Let us to the driving for you and take care of all of the details.