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Tours Of The Grand Canyon Are Better From Another Park

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas you’re probably thinking of all of the other things that you’re gonna be able to do why are here.  Naturally there’s lots of things to do that are the obvious things that Las Vegas offers like gambling in fine dinners in fancy restaurants.  You’re going to be able to find lots of shows and other entertainment that will keep you busy for the time that you’re here.  One of the complaints that people have about their trip to Las Vegas many times as if they enjoy the outdoors you don’t get a lot of it.  The majority of things that happen in Las Vegas happen inside, even though you’re in one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth, you never get to see a lot of it.  So much happens inside that it is a running joke that you don’t even remember what time it is when you’re in Las Vegas.  This is why we suggest visiting some of the great national Parks their only a short drive away from the city.  The tours that we offer the Las Vegas and had to several of the national Parks are within driving distance to get you away from it all in a way that will lift your spirits and also let you witnessed the Glory of the American Southwest.

Too many people plan on going to the grand canyon as a part of their Las Vegas trip, to and not enough of them actually look into the logistics of it.  It’s the grand canyon is about for ½ hour drive from Las Vegas, and this means that if you try and leave and the morning you’ll be getting there in the afternoon.  If you still have to drive back to Las Vegas that night you’re literally only going to have a few hours to explore one of the greatest places on earth.  It seems like a tragedy if you’re going to spend more time driving that you are exploring one of the best places to visit in the world.  This is why we structure tours that either camp overnight inside of the grand canyon national park, or we visit the grand canyon as part of a larger tour also visits several other national Parks as well.  We find that driving from Las Vegas to Zion Canyon, then moving from that point other national Parks in the area, gives us more time for exploration and less time for driving.  This is a sort of tour loop that maximizes the amount of time that you get stand inside each national park because they’re closer together than they are to Las Vegas.  Our three day tours will allow you to visit numerous of the national Parks all within a three day span but if you only have a short time check out our overnight camping tour of the grand canyon.  We do the driving for you and we arrange all of the aspects of it, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.