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Bryce and Zion, as Well as The Grand Canyon

If you love the great outdoors and are planning on coming to Las Vegas anytime soon, you’re probably looking into the different national Parks that are located in the area that you can visit use in Las Vegas a starting point.  The list includes Bryce and Zion as well as the grand canyon, antelope canyon and monument valley.  All of these places are only a short drive from Las Vegas, and your favorite can easily be reached within a few hours’ drive through the desert.  One of the things that we would suggest, if you’re not familiar with driving in the desert, is the lead us to driving for you.  Many people were not familiar with desert driving really understand that everything looks the same for hundreds of miles, and when you’re trying to do this in a car that are unfamiliar with it can be little more difficult than you ever expected.  Aside from that, the national park areas are quite large and it is easy to miss some of the best areas if you don’t have a plan.  It isn’t quite as simple as driving to Zion and ending up in the most scenic areas, where the best hiking is.  A lot of these areas are hundreds of square miles wide, and one wrong turn can make you end up in an area that isn’t quite a scenic as you wish.  It’s best to go with an experienced tour guide who knows the best places.

When you are leaving from Las Vegas on your trip to Bryce and Zion, one of the things that you must realize that all of the national Parks in this area are closer together than they are fewer to drive straight through from Las Vegas to any one of them.  This is why we suggest during multiple national Parks on the same trip as opposed to just trying to visit one hand and come back.  If you only have a short time to visit one park and no others, Zion is probably the way to go because it’s only 2 hours from Las Vegas.  However, if you really do want to make the most of your driving time, we would suggest starting with a trip to Zion and then moving along to another national park like the grand canyon from there.  This is going to maximize the amount of time they get spending each park and minimize the amount of time to dispatch driving in between them.  They will also get to experience the Glory of camping under the stars in a national park.  There really is nothing like that that can be compared.  Once you’ve seen the stars without them being shrouded by the light reflected from a city, you realize how beautiful the American Southwest can be.  It’s a missed opportunity if you don’t camp overnight in any of the Southwest National Parks that you can reach only a short drive from Vegas.